My name is Josh Leach, I grew up in West Sussex England, where I am still based. I'm a Student Programmer who's recently stepped into the world of being a Sole Trader - Sharing my expertise with those I work with, while developing my own skills by learning from friends and colleagues.

I’ve grown up in scouting, all the way from Beavers (age 6) to Explorers, and Leadering (16+) I’ve undertaken many an expedition, knot night and I’ve taken the leap into undertaking my Duke of Edinburgh award – and learnt so many new skills as a result – from unicycling (although the skill has sadly passed my by) to Amateur Radio. I was lucky enough to by chosen through a tough selection process as part of a contingent of four thousand young people to attend the 25th World Scout Jamboree in Korea. – Although this did not go to plan, it was an amazing experience to undertake, I learnt so many new things, from other countries cultures, to new games and languages and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.

I am primarily a problem solver, describe to me a problem, and I can sit there for hours until I find a solution – Although admittedly ChatGPT has become more and more helpful when i’m pressed for time.

My Hobby of robotics has taken me so many places, from starting off with a Wii remote and a Raspberry Pi to building custom drones that fly themselves and onto competitions such as the 20th International Artificial Intelligence Fair, Pi-Wars and PA consulting.

My love of A/V technical’s has drawn me into the world of Stage Lighting and Sound engineering recently – even though I am colourblind – RGB values are extremely helpful! I’ve taken part in many Gigs, from Big Top productions, Primary school Shows, Discos, Dances and More – each one bringing a new problem, and different way of finding a solution.

I am an extremely outdoorsy person I both rock climbing, primarily doing Lead Indoors at Chichester College, however I have been known to outdoor climb; at Portland, Harrison’s Rocks, and many other places, and I Kayak – mainly on the river Arun, whilst currently being told I have too many boats in the shed. I love I good hike, especially overnight, and have undertaken many well known trails, such as the South Downs Way.