Josh Leach

(t/a) theCryptoid

Hi, I'm Josh Leach.

I’m a 17 year old student (Year 12) from the UK.
I Grew up in West Sussex, England.
I love being outdoors, and am an avid, Kayaker, Climber And Hiker.
I’ve recently delved into the world of cybersecurity, with my mind loving the challenged and problems that need overcoming.

The best way to introduce you to me; is me showing you what I can do.

‘Learning is never done without errors and defeat.' — Vladimir Lenin

I had the opportunity to go to South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree. AS I'm sure you have seen through news outlets, and social media posts - This did not go to plan, with the UK evacuating after two days on site. My endurance through this shows my resilience and ability to plough on through bad situations, and I ended up having an amazing experience out there - just not the original one I thought of.

25th World Scout Jamboree, Korea Strength, Adaptability, Resilience

I was chosen to undertake the task of Designing and Programming all Lighting features within my school Show in 2020,2023, with my Course leading me into Designing and Executing the entire Technological aspects of the upcoming 2024 Show (Sound, Lights, Visuals & Photography). These experiences allow me to learn to work well with others, from other members of the Stagecrew, to The Performers and Staff Members that make the show happen.

School Show 2020 Reliability, Planning, Teamwork