UK Scouting Permits

[In Progress] - Axe Throwing

UK Scouting course to prove competency when axe throwing.

[In Progress] - Climbing

UK Scouting course on Abseil Towers, Indoor / Outdoor Top Rope & Lead Climbing.

[In Progress] - Watersports

UK Scouting watersports instructor (See UK Watersports Qualifications Below)

UK Watersports

Paddlesport Explore

British Canoeing Explore Qualification.

Paddlesport Safety and Rescue

British Canoeing Safety And Rescue Qualification - (Pt1 of Instructor Qualifications)

[In Progress] - Paddlesport Instructor

British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor (Pt2 of Instructor Qualifications)


UK Flyer ID (Open A1 and A3 sub-categories)

Drone License For Flying Drones UK

A2 CofC (Open A2 sub-category)

Holding an A2 CofC means that you can operate in the new A2 (Open) sub-category, no matter if it’s for recreational or commercial reasons.

Amateur Radio Foundation License

RSGB Foundation Level Amateur Radio License. Callsign: M7RPS